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The Rooster Davis Group

HOT HOT HOT! And not so long from now... The Rooster Davis Group starting their European Tour with unsigned-acts next Wednesday!! We are really excited and if you want to personally experience how hot these guys are than drop us a msg for a VIP ticket (only a little room left...„wink“-Emoticon ) Featuring the lovely Ann Vriend

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The Rooster Davis Group

David Aide, aka Rooster Davis, is an Edmonton based freelance piano and Hammond organ player.

As a piano player David specializes in the New Orleans piano traditions of players such as Dr. John, James Booker, Professor Longhair, and Alen Toussaint, and has created his own style that combines their influences with aspects of jazz, country, and rock, as heard on his playful yet soulful Christmas album "My Chestnuts, Your Fire." It is because of this style that he earned the moniker, Rooster Davis, which he records and performs under as a solo artist.

As an organist David has appeared on many albums and tours as an Americana, country, soul, and blues player. He has seriously studied the Hammond organ, having worked in this regard with Hawksley Workman, country star Adam Gregory, Adam Cohen, Americana/roots artists Jack Marks, James Murdoch, soul/folk songwriter Ann Vriend, The Wheatpool, and others.

David is currently the Musical Director/Bandleader for Canadian country music star Adam Gregory, whom he has toured with for seven years in Canada and the U.S., including opening for Alan Jackson, LeAnn Rimes, Keith Urban, and other country legends.

David also freelances with many independent Canadian artists including Foxworthee, Dave Babcock, Blue Montegos, and countless others. His 20 plus years of professional experience as a keyboardist, in genres as diverse as reggae, electronica/house, jazz, funk/R&B, and pop, including being a founding member the legendary Edmonton bands Feast and Rameses Soul Revival, makes him a sought after musician in Edmonton and beyond, including in Nashville, where he was based while touring with Adam Gregory.

In addition to work as a sideman, David works as a solo keyboardist and appears regularly at one of Edmonton's finest restaurants, Sabor Divino, as their featured pianist, where he airs out his New Orleans piano stylings.

Check out: http://www.roosterdavis.com/

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